A unique look that reflects your business values

The values of your business is communicated as strongly through aesthetics as it is through your product or service offering, and extends to the wardrobe of every individual that represents your brand or business. A consolidated, fit-to- purpose corporate wardrobe can go a long way in manifesting your brand look and feel, as well as your vision and values.

The right professional impression, every day

As the foremost producers of corporate wear in the country, Monatic has the expert ability to create custom ranges that perfectly match a brand’s look and feel, while paying close attention to factors like comfort, durability and practicality.


Tailor-made wardrobe solutions

The right custom corporate wardrobe is the result of a close working relationship between Monatic and your brand representatives. We take the necessary time tofully understand your corporate wear needs and preferences, as well as your brand and business. Based on these findings we’ll make recommendation and advise you on the best way forward, paying heed to factors like materials and prices.

Handcrafted Excellence