Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you carry stock or are garments made to order?

    As minimum order quantities do not apply (see question above) we do carry stock on a selection of core garments in core colours, comprising mostly basic items for ladies and men. Core colours include black, navy and charcoal, as well as a selection of white shirts. This offer is in addition to our made-to-order ranges that invites customers to select the specific styles, colours and items of their preference.

  • How do I care for my Monatic garments?

    We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality – most particularly in terms of material choices and craftsmanship – of all our garments. Produced with fabrics renowned (and tested) for their suitability for corporate wear, our garments will last a long time, provided the garment care instructions on the label inside each item are carefully followed. We advise furnishing your corporate wear wardrobe with sufficient items to avoid washing and wearing the same item every day.

  • Can you manufacture exact styles using the fabric of my choice?

    Yes, we can customise to that extent provided the following criteria is met: The weight and quality of the fabric you want us to use is similar to what we use; The weight and quality of the fabric you want us to use is similar to what we use. We advise you to contact us for more information on how this process works.

  • How long can I expect to wait for my garment delivery?

    All efforts are made to ensure our lead and delivery times are as efficient as possible, though we are not always able to control these matters. Take note of the following delivery times as a guideline:

    5-7 Working days: For a sized order received, provided it is ordered directly from our selection of stock items

    6-8 Weeks: For a sized order received, provided the fabric is in stock and available in-house

    4-5 Months: For a sized order received. Note that this is covers the development of new styles and new fabric specifications, as per your brand’s corporate colours and unique needs

  • Can my corporate wear be custom branded?

    Yes definitely. We have a specialised, in-house facility that does specialised embroidery on any garments, as per specific client needs and/or brand pantone colours and logos.

  • Can a consultant help me with the design decisions?

    Absolutely. Our corporate wear consultants are on hand to advise you on the best, most fit-to-purpose corporate wear solutions for your team and your brand. These experienced, knowledgeable individuals can help with everything from garment styles to fabric choices and effective branding. Simply make an appointment to make use of this specialised service by contacting

  • What is the best way of ensuring I order the right garment sizes for my team?

    Our garments are manufactured to South African retail size standards and, as such, fit the average man and woman in that size.


    However, various customisation options are available if you prefer to opt for something more accurate, including:

    Our Size Chart, together with comprehensive information on “How to Measure” is available on our website and in our catalogue


    You’re welcome to bring your team to be fitted by our professional pattern makers


    There’s also the option to purchase a Fit Range and to facilitate the fittings yourself

  • What if there is a fault with my garments?

    In the unlikely event that you detect a factory fault on one of your garments the item should be returned to us, unworn, as soon as possible. Our quality control experts will assess the claim and, if the fault appears to be legitimate, the item will be replaced as soon as possible. Garments may also be exchanged. Please see our Exchange Policy in this regard.