How it Works

Select Styles

A large selection of garment styles enable us to cater to individual needs, tastes, forms and figures. From classic, capsule wardrobe-type piece to modern, on-trend fits for the fashion-forward individual, the Monatic Collection has a style for everyone.

Select Colours

Every style of garment in the Monatic Collection is available in a wide selection of colours and patterns. Whether it’s a discreet monochromatic print or a bold and colourful pattern that best matches your professional look, our collection is bound to have it.

Place Your Order

Once you’ve selected your preferred colours and styles, simply complete the order form. Please ensure you’ve furnished us with all the necessary details to effectively fill your order.

We Work Our Magic

After your order has been processed our design and production teams start the manufacturing process. Great care is taken to ensure all garments are manufactured to exact specifications, with material of the highest quality by our team of highly skilled seamstresses, machinists and artisans.

We Deliver To You

Once our garments are ready and have been quality checked to meet the standards of our internal quality control department, your garments will be shipped or delivered to you, as per prior arrangement.